Honoring The Life Of Blazer Beaumia

Blazer Beaumia - a vibrant teenager, an All Star Athlete, and a follower of Jesus Christ. Blazer spent most of his days with his group of friends, his teammates, or his youth group family.  He was an incredible son, brother, friend and teammate. He was a  friend to anyone and everyone - even if just for a day. Blazer had a servants heart, even more so than just being kind and helpful to others. He chose to be an organ donor just right after his 15th birthday when he went to get his driver’s learners permit.

On April 25, 2023 - Blazer was tragically killed in a car accident when the vehicle struck a tree carrying him, and 4 of his close friends. Blazer was only 400 yards from his home. To date: Blazer’s selfless choice to be an organ and tissue donor has helped now 23 recipients. He is a true example of always putting your Faith In Action

The Faith In Action Foundation honors the Life of Blazer and will continue his legacy of being kind to others, showing love, support and encouragement to many people for years to come. The foundation is based out of his hometown of Kingston, TN. 

Our mission is to spread the love of Jesus Christ. In doing so, events will take place to Spread the Gospel and a sweet reminder to always put your Faith In Action.